It was truly sad but now that you are back

the people are all happy again.

All the riddles that you answered were not facts.

They were lies in your ignorant eyes.


If some day you wake feeling somewhat out of place.

Look inside your mind.

Don't be afraid of what you find.


Have a good time. Don't be steady like a rock.

If you're alive then you're living on the brighter side.

Put some pep in your step. No one likes slow and alone.

We never thought you would ever

feel this good again. 


Every question asked is another chance that passed.

It's why you stay the same and never change.

Understand your flaws and how sometimes it's your fault.

No excuse can fool anyone. 


You hung yourself in a gallery.

Invited everybody in.

Accepting nothing but flattery among

the Mona Lisa grins. 

It's all available in strip mall America.

Plastic toys, politics, and nameplates.

The only thing not for sale is a selling point.

I salute this amazing disgrace.


Native Americans soaked to the bone.

Barbie and Ken in unaffordable homes.

Make sure you run because the guns are half price before noon.


It's all available in strip mall America.


No returns. What you buy is what you get. 

The sale is final. To them I'm a trend.

I work hard for my money but I'm in debt.

Let's make prices great again.


Luxury condos rise high over the sea.

Blocking the ghetto where the kids cant read.

Make sure you're gone before they get out of school around three.


Half price glitter. Rainbow flags.

Bring your own tote because God hates bags.

A pedophiliac Nazi bobble head. 

Charge you for the water. Double for the lead.

We 're a 24 hour pharmacy.

A fast food drive thru. American cheese.

Half price if you're on the A list.

Here's a coupon for the culture. 

No need to tip the artist.

He grew up in a rich white town. Father at the bar. Mother not around.

He graduated from a Catholic school. 

Dated a girl. Followed the rules.


He met some guys at a party. 

They liked Cher and they didn't care.

He wanted some of their Bacardi.

He didn't drive. They took him there.


And at the drag show he was a disco girl.

Nobody told her they were two different worlds. 

She said, " the drag scene is what I like." 

Get on line, you'll feel fine. You'll be flying in time.


He danced there. He shook and twirled.

He finally fit in for the first time in this world.

He saw the side of a sacred sound that keeps it to themselves. 

They keep it underground. 


The lights are pretty and so am I.

A man's man. Not a girl dress as a guy. 

A boy dressed as a lady. 

He didn't drive. They took him there.


There was a fight. 

He died one night.

Why were they there?

Why did they even care?

You say what you say but how you feel is how you feel. 

The acceptance of love is an endless heal.

All songs composed by

Levy Okun

Recorded by

Kenneth Pollin

All songs published by

Max The Outline / ASCAP 

Copyright © 2020 Levy Okun